Fasting Blog – Day 13

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If you have kids or been to a house that has young kids then you have witnessed CLUTTER. A soccer ball here, a doll over there, an old juice cup on the couch, a pair of shoes in the middle of the floor, and so on. There are things that are out of place. Many times our minds and heart feel very cluttered and out of place also. A calendar so packed with ball games and events, a work load that never lets up, bills and check books to balance, a spouse you feel disconnected to, kids that are rebelling, and so on it goes.
STOP, I have great news, Jesus came and is here right NOW to give you rest. He is here to UN-CLUTTER your heart and mind from the distractions of this world. You see, Jesus loves you and simply wants you to receive his love for you.
I remember 10 years ago giving up on this “world” and my “self” and receiving the love of Jesus in my own life. The first thing I noticed about my NEW life in Christ Jesus was his peace that rested upon me. I remember sleeping through the night in the most perfect peace and security I had ever experienced in my life. Jesus will strip every worry or fear from your life as you simply let go of your performance to the worlds standards and rest in Jesus’ standard-free life.
He came and has given us life to the fullest where our hearts and minds are UNCLUTTERED, and we live/walk intimately with our Daddy God all day, every day, forever. His love for us has taken the place of our busy calendars, His peace has taken the place of our once worried hearts, and His voice is louder than the voice and opinions of others. We are Sons and Daughters of Daddy God!

Josh East

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